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With Love from Mr. Hyphen: API/A Love Letter Project.

I was recently asked to write-up a blog post on Hyphen Magazine’s blog site. I hope I do the Project and the individuals I mentioned justice:

Thank you for continuing to support this small endeavor and spreading it far and wide. As always, be strong and be brilliant: dream big, and dream forever.

Bless, P


Suny Um.

Family, I hope all is well. Sorry for the long delay of updating the API/A Love Letter Project. I have been extremely busy with my brother’s wedding, studying for the GREs, as well as over-working myself on school applications — but that’s all boring. I want to bring to your attention to the next “Love Letter” which is actually in the form of a video.

This is Suny Um. He’s a second-generation Khmer/American, a student at UC Berkeley, and a son of Cambodian refugees. Suny loves his family and it shows in his short film. Suny is also a queer-Asian/American man. Let his voice and words seep in as he shares his story which is both heart-breaking, but simultaneously filled with hope.

Be strong and be brilliant fam. Dream big, and dream forever.