Eliyahu Enriquez.

Dahil sa E”Z

A Tension:

Yu promised
A romance
Manual in Ladino
To highlight in
Black and blue hues
Liner notes to All
Bye myself
Don’t wanna be

A bout face
Your Frida hand grazing
His Rivera Gaultier
About diluted gin and tonics
Complimentary because I can’t
Forget that
I couldn’t
Flea devastation
In a bumper cara
Hit and ruin

Three stoned tablets
Whiz straight at me
Like rubber bullets
Each with the swords
Chiseled into their foreheads
My daily dosage of abominable self-

Ur “Caballo”
Don’t Tango
He’d rather sit
At the feet of Rabbah
Uproot her tent pegs
Bury derailed affections
In my armoire of regret
Zapatista the unholy
Suckers into smithereens
And what!

I Fil like keeping mementos
Like pieces of the Berlin Mall
Stuffed Somewhere
In mai Multi-Kulti corner
Pockets with receipts of prophecy
Crumpled voraciously
Into a broken corazón
Throbbing for baller change
Like sloppy segundo
In a Cebuano shantytown
Dis stinks!

Like, Like, Like
That’s why
I didn’t say, Adió
Adió Queerida
Ba-Bi Bubbeleh
Mingled with FOB

I’m willing to Tarrytown
For You to choose
From an array of four
Species and Objects
A Sukat bouquet
On display
To greet tú
At our banquet stable
Come daybreak
Try mi on
A San Miguel Mantle
Rap around
Mahogany quillt
As I purposely part
The seas in seasons
For your hind’s feet to el Pas-
Knot just nyet


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