Zoe Means Life.

I do not know Zoe personally, but she is my love’s (Theresa Christine) baby cousin. She suffers from a rare form of bone cancer. An account has been opened especially for my Lu called, “So Things Don’t Suck,” which refers to the scale that determines if that day hella sucked or not. Zoe will get to use this account to her discretion on things that will make her day suck free. Love, prayers, advice, and support greatly appreciated. Please read the following excerpt from her Facebook page:
“This evening I had the pleasure of meeting 15-year-old Zoe Inciong, whose sweetness and innocence are tempered by her courage and will. I was asked to photograph her before she faced her second round of chemotherapy to battle fourth stage bone cancer, which has touched every vertebrae in her spine and has left a tumor that will prevent her from moving around without crutches or a wheelchair.Through the lens I got a glimpse of the tenderness displayed in the affection Zoe shares with her family. Yet this 4.5 GPA student also appears to tackle life in much the same way that she played water polo and basketball before her cancer, forward-looking and with passion and fervor. It is easy to see that to know Zoe is to love her. Her spirit shines.During the shoot, Zoe asked me if there was a way to take pictures of the mirrored closet doors that had scribblings of love and well wishes from friends and family. This simple question led to a departure from the norm in a photo shoot- I handed her my camera and had her take the picture. She said she was reflected in the mirror, and I told her that was the point.

My camera found its way back in her hands later in the photo shoot so she could take pictures of her parents and brother. Her family will see these pictures and know that Zoe was behind the camera, orchestrating the memories captured on film.

Zoe is an amazing person. Thank you to the Inciong Family for allowing me to share her story in pictures.

An account has been opened especially for Zoe called, “So Things Don’t Suck,” which refers to the scale that determines if that day’s suck factor ranked high or low. Zoe Inciong will have full access to this account, which she can use to her discretion on things that will make her day “SUCK FREE.” Any personal donations and/or fundraising will be deposited to this special account (with Randy Inciong & Maria Rabuy Inciong as joint signers) for her.

Your generous contributions can be made payable to Zoe Inciong, and mailed to:

Zoe Inciong
“So Things Don’t Suck”
30530 Del Valle Place
Union City, CA 94587

I’ve been surrounded by cancer all my life. Some of the closest people I’ve known have lost battles to this horrible disease. However, I’ve known beautiful individuals who fought hard, persevered, and won their battle against this monster. This may not be the typical “love letter” that I’ve posted in the past, but these words are filled with an unconditional love and support.  Please, if you are reading this, please circulate this widely in your networks and listings. My love for you is eternal and endless.
Be brilliant and remember that you are loved family ♥ P
#aadp #projectmichelle #helpingjanet #hopeisalive

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